Today the Internet is the main source of information for all thinking people on the planet. Naturally, every day business, like any other field of activity, increasingly depends on the world wide web. If a person needs information, he uses the Internet, makes a request, finds it, gets to know it, and stops searching.

The site is a virtual representation on the Internet, the face of your business, an important step towards winning over competitors. You can work without an office, but you will not succeed without a quality website. Without having its own Internet project, the company cannot pretend to be a “serious” status and meet the ever-growing standards of the business world. The role of the website developer comes as the most important one here.

The creation of the site begins with an analysis of the needs, goals and personal wishes of the customer.

  • If you have a young company, start small. Do not order an expensive and exclusive project. “Cool» web- sites are not made immediately. There are excellent budget options, in which time the main competitive advantage will be.
  • For a large brand or a company selling elite products, an individual style is needed. Such organizations should not economize on the realization of their ambitions.

Very important visualization – the design of houses and apartments is better to do not in the form of flat pictures, but in color 3D format with preservation of geometry.

Also, it is worth considering that the client wants to see how things look “in the end.” Therefore it is good to post photos of already constructed objects (houses / apartments) on the site.

Another important point is the availability of online consultation, so that in real time, a potential client could immediately receive answers to their questions. It is advisable to place a direct phone number, and preferably number 8 800.

The creation of a website of a construction company , like any Internet project, begins with the solution of organizational issues. First of all, you need to clearly define the concept of the site:

  • what exactly is needed (site-card, single-page, large resource);
  • what should be placed on it;
  • what tasks will it solve?


  • prepare materials on the company’s activities (text, photo, video);
  • choose a domain and hosting;
  • develop a website design and provide its desired functionality.

What Tasks Should The Site Solve?

The site must:

  • sell
  • Provide visitors with all the necessary information about the organization;
  • cause a potential customer to want to contact the company with an order or clarifying question.

The site is a tool for attracting new customers. First of all, it should be the source of orders for your business.

Important: when developing a website, think about how it will later attract and convert visitors to customers. And it is better that this stage of work would be done by those who developed the site.

Stages Of Development

The process of creating a website for a construction company is the same as for all other online resources. Its main stages are:

  • preparation of the technical assignment;
  • niche analysis
  • designing (prototyping);
  • design development;
  • programming and page layout;
  • site setup;

Filling content

  • promotion of the finished resource.

Marketing Automation (Marketing Automation) with this technology you will be at the peak of marketing development delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. However, this concept is still unfamiliar to most marketers. And, if you are just starting to learn marketing automation, this impressive statistic will help you.

The First Thing

First, let’s define what marketing automation is. This technology is represented by software platforms that help marketers automate repetitive processes and tasks. It also allows you to more effectively manage multiple online marketing channels in real time. Thus, Marketing Automation reduces the element of uncertainty in Internet marketing. It determines what content your site visitors want to see, and does so based on their behavior and content consumption on the Internet.

Until recently, it was thought that Marketing Automation was available only to large corporations with huge budgets, but now everything has changed. This technology is developing by leaps and bounds and becomes available for small and medium businesses. Even a small business with a small budget can find a suitable version of marketing automation. Now companies of any size can enjoy the benefits of automating their tasks and processes. This marketing automation platform the best that you can have now.

Benefits and capabilities of marketing automation

  • Marketing Automation is indispensable when working with leads (potential buyers) and increasing marketing effectiveness:
  • Lead generation and lead heating are recognized as the most important advantage of using Marketing Automation.
  • Automation leads to a 14.5% increase in the productivity of your sales and a 12.2% reduction in operating marketing costs.
  • 80% of users indicated an increase in the number of leads and 77% indicated an increase in conversions.
  • Heated leads spend 47% more on purchases when compared to unheated leads.

Save time and increase marketing effectiveness. 73% of marketers believe that high productivity and time saving is a key advantage. Bullas says that “Computer era is creating software for scaling up your marketing. Marketing funnels can be created and downloaded once, and then used again and again. The routine tasks of publications and measurements are also automated. Things like numerous coordination and endorsement of marketing processes by management are also managed by software cloud solutions. And all this is what saves our time. ”

Better interaction with customers. 36% of marketers said that increasing customer engagement is one of the most important goals for Marketing Automation.More advanced sales and conversions (Pepper Global). For companies that use marketing automation, the conversion rate of the leads that previously showed interest in them is 53% higher in buyers than those who do not use it. A potential buyer begins to have confidence in these companies, because, thanks to Marketing Automation, he gets the content he wants to read. First, these people buy something small.

Choosing the best web design company is one of the main concerns or fears of new entrepreneurs. When you start a business you know that you play a lot in this decision so it is a bit complicated and sometimes stressful to make a good decision. When you are going to create the web of your business, you always have the fear of making a bad decision when choosing the company that will design and create the website of your company. This decision is very important for different reasons since you are investing a lot of time, effort and money in the new project. So it is essential that you can fully trust the professionalism of those who will create your website.

How can you know?

Here is no foolproof technique that prevents you from stumbling upon pseudo-professionals in the creation of a website but if certain indicators can help you discard a company or person. You can use these indicators for any web project, whatever it may be like corporate website, company blog, online store and etc. Depending on the needs of each web project the price can vary a lot but it is important that you know that the time of realization of a website ranges from 3 to 6 weeks taking into account the design, the creation of style sheets and programming.

Low cost

If the person who is going to create the web does it for a ridiculous price then everything makes you suspect that you are not dealing with a professional. Do not let yourself be carried away by the optimistic impulse of how cheap your web project is going to be because after a few months you will see that it will be very expensive to have made that decision. A web professional like any other professional values ​​your work very well so you must avoid misleading offers because for the only thing that will serve youare to have a bad letter of presentation on the Internet of your company.

Conclusion: practice makes you perfect

A good practice is very convenient to do when you are going to create your business website. In each budget it must be broken down the work actions that will be carried out to make your website as well as the chosen tool. Discard any budget that does not indicate the tool that will be used.The form of payment proposed in the budget can also warn youof the lack of professionalism since the normal thing in a budget is that a percentage is paid in advance and the rest in the way that each of the milestones of the draft likes design, web programming, review and acceptance by the client, marketing, etc.