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Today the Internet is the main source of information for all thinking people on the planet. Naturally, every day business, like any other field of activity, increasingly depends on the world wide web. If a person needs information, he uses the Internet, makes a request, finds it, gets to know it, and stops searching.

The site is a virtual representation on the Internet, the face of your business, an important step towards winning over competitors. You can work without an office, but you will not succeed without a quality website. Without having its own Internet project, the company cannot pretend to be a “serious” status and meet the ever-growing standards of the business world. The role of the website developer comes as the most important one here.

The creation of the site begins with an analysis of the needs, goals and personal wishes of the customer.

  • If you have a young company, start small. Do not order an expensive and exclusive project. “Cool» web- sites are not made immediately. There are excellent budget options, in which time the main competitive advantage will be.
  • For a large brand or a company selling elite products, an individual style is needed. Such organizations should not economize on the realization of their ambitions.

Very important visualization – the design of houses and apartments is better to do not in the form of flat pictures, but in color 3D format with preservation of geometry.

Also, it is worth considering that the client wants to see how things look “in the end.” Therefore it is good to post photos of already constructed objects (houses / apartments) on the site.

Another important point is the availability of online consultation, so that in real time, a potential client could immediately receive answers to their questions. It is advisable to place a direct phone number, and preferably number 8 800.

The creation of a website of a construction company , like any Internet project, begins with the solution of organizational issues. First of all, you need to clearly define the concept of the site:

  • what exactly is needed (site-card, single-page, large resource);
  • what should be placed on it;
  • what tasks will it solve?


  • prepare materials on the company’s activities (text, photo, video);
  • choose a domain and hosting;
  • develop a website design and provide its desired functionality.

What Tasks Should The Site Solve?

The site must:

  • sell
  • Provide visitors with all the necessary information about the organization;
  • cause a potential customer to want to contact the company with an order or clarifying question.

The site is a tool for attracting new customers. First of all, it should be the source of orders for your business.

Important: when developing a website, think about how it will later attract and convert visitors to customers. And it is better that this stage of work would be done by those who developed the site.

Stages Of Development

The process of creating a website for a construction company is the same as for all other online resources. Its main stages are:

  • preparation of the technical assignment;
  • niche analysis
  • designing (prototyping);
  • design development;
  • programming and page layout;
  • site setup;

Filling content

  • promotion of the finished resource.
  • Partner links