Marketing Automation (Marketing Automation) with this technology you will be at the peak of marketing development delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. However, this concept is still unfamiliar to most marketers. And, if you are just starting to learn marketing automation, this impressive statistic will help you.

The First Thing

First, let’s define what marketing automation is. This technology is represented by software platforms that help marketers automate repetitive processes and tasks. It also allows you to more effectively manage multiple online marketing channels in real time. Thus, Marketing Automation reduces the element of uncertainty in Internet marketing. It determines what content your site visitors want to see, and does so based on their behavior and content consumption on the Internet.

Until recently, it was thought that Marketing Automation was available only to large corporations with huge budgets, but now everything has changed. This technology is developing by leaps and bounds and becomes available for small and medium businesses. Even a small business with a small budget can find a suitable version of marketing automation. Now companies of any size can enjoy the benefits of automating their tasks and processes. the best that you can have now.

Benefits and capabilities of marketing automation

  • Marketing Automation is indispensable when working with leads (potential buyers) and increasing marketing effectiveness:
  • Lead generation and lead heating are recognized as the most important advantage of using Marketing Automation.
  • Automation leads to a 14.5% increase in the productivity of your sales and a 12.2% reduction in operating marketing costs.
  • 80% of users indicated an increase in the number of leads and 77% indicated an increase in conversions.
  • Heated leads spend 47% more on purchases when compared to unheated leads.

Save time and increase marketing effectiveness. 73% of marketers believe that high productivity and time saving is a key advantage. Bullas says that “Computer era is creating software for scaling up your marketing. Marketing funnels can be created and downloaded once, and then used again and again. The routine tasks of publications and measurements are also automated. Things like numerous coordination and endorsement of marketing processes by management are also managed by software cloud solutions. And all this is what saves our time. ”

Better interaction with customers. 36% of marketers said that increasing customer engagement is one of the most important goals for Marketing Automation.More advanced sales and conversions (Pepper Global). For companies that use marketing automation, the conversion rate of the leads that previously showed interest in them is 53% higher in buyers than those who do not use it. A potential buyer begins to have confidence in these companies, because, thanks to Marketing Automation, he gets the content he wants to read. First, these people buy something small.

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