In the market of digital-advertising and SEO there are a lot of different players: both serious large agencies and small services, each of which promises to bring the site to the top and attract new customers.

But without experience and expertise, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to determine the requirements and choose a contractor from hundreds of proposals.

Study the site of the contractor company

The advice seems obvious, but many do not, at best glance through the page of the company with which they are going to cooperate. But the site has much to say about the future partner. Obviously you have to go for an SEO that is Affordable.

Look, what people work in the company, on their accounts in social networks. Analyze the declared cases and see if there are successful examples of work in your or similar industries.

It is also important whether it is indicated in the case, due to which the result was obtained. If actual data are presented that can be checked, check  and just do not forget about the fact that the delivery in different regions is different.

Find out if the company’s specialists are certified.Metrics , what kind of training they took, and what their average experience is. You can request the certificate number and the name of the owner and check here.

  • What should I ask managers?
  • What other services does the company provide?
  • What tools are used by promotion specialists

How is the selection and clustering of queries, the formation of TK on texts, monitoring of the technical state of the site

 How traffic forecast was calculated

If you do not understand the technologies in the technologies and their enumeration does not tell you anything, ask specific questions related to your business: what figures you will receive as a result of the work of the SEO contractor, how much this technology will give you requests.

Study the company’s publications and company

The basic minimum, which can be judged on the professionalism of the company the availability of information, is ready to share. It can be publications, comments in the media, speeches at conferences, published books, guides, training videos and so on.


You can try to find information yourself on the Internet and on the company’s website or ask managers. What is it for? Having studied the infopole, you will understand what the company knows about your subject, what it does, whether it has case studies, research. After all, you need an expert in your business.

Ask for recommendations

The obligatory clause should be the recommendations of clients who worked with this company.Do not rely on reviews on the Internet, ask managers for contacts of people who can give recommendations. Try to find the necessary contacts by looking in the section with information about the clients.A good agency will always share the contacts of its customers and will not hide the results of the work.


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